See you in Singapore next year !

le dimanche 15 juillet 2007

La prochaine conférence internationale de l’AMERICAN CREATIVITY ASSOCIATION se déroulera à Singapour en février 2008. Le thème en sera "Creativity across cultures".

Ci-dessous vous trouverez toutes les informations sur ce rendez-vous important des spécialistes de la créativité.

You are cordially invited to submit a proposal to do a presentation at the 2008 ACA International Conference next February in Singapore…


ACA 2008: Creativity Across Cultures – Singapore, February 25th-29th

Proposal Submission Deadline: September 1, 2007

The time has come for session submissions for ACA 2008 in Singapore! To be considered as a potential presenter for the 2008 Conference, please submit your proposal with the following in mind.

Conference Goal: To offer participants an opportunity to learn, observe, and engage in the art, craft, practice, and experience of creativity. Presenters and participants will learn from each other through interaction that has a focus on addressing the real challenges and opportunities facing our governmental, educational, artistic/cultural, nonprofit, business, and corporate sectors.

Conference Theme: Creativity Across Cultures

Our 2008 theme, Creativity Across Cultures, will focus on all aspects of creativity as it intersects with "culture." And culture is defined in the broadest possible way (i.e., nationality, ethnicity, religion, personality, gender, age, educational, governmental, corporate, etc.).

We will focus on big ideas and big questions; in particular, how knowledge and wisdom are created and transferred to practitioners both now and in the future.

· What happens when people confront a challenge not seen before or one that is beyond their current means?

· What are the approaches, processes, and hands-on techniques which accelerate the search for creative solutions?

· How do the "connections" get made that lead to new, creative, innovative ideas or approaches?

· What role does "collaboration" play within and between cultures to reach surprising new ideas that benefit everyone?

· When, where, how and why does the search for solutions cause people to reach across borders, boundaries, disciplines, and intellectual territory for creative approaches and answers?

Our goal is to share usable insights into creativity and the understanding that comes from real-world encounters, including the valuable lessons learned from success and from failure. Throughout the conference, cultural factors and considerations will be taken into account, thus highlighting the fundamental connection between culture and reality and culture and creativity.

SEEKING PRESENTATIONS REFLECTING conference theme & applicability to the following areas:

  • Business and technology, education and training, personal and professional growth, communication and the arts, health and science, military and government
  • The repertoire of practical strategies and techniques for creative problem solving and its application to real-world situations
  • “Classic” & new models for creativity & problem solving (Osborn-Parnes, Synectics, TRIZ, lateral thinking, whole brain, Kepner Tregoe, Value Engineering, etc.)
  • Creative thinking and practice as a key part of the front end of innovation

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